Buyers & Sellers

As a buyer or seller of real estate, you want your experience to be pleasant, professional, thorough and stress-free. First Priority Title Services is committed to just that.

Who Chooses the Title Company

In Florida, who customarily chooses the title company depends on what county the property is in. For example, in Palm Beach County, the seller typically selects the Title Company, and in Broward County it is typically the buyer. In every case, this is ultimately determined by the contract.

Why Choose Us?

We have an excellent reputation, a combined 100 years experience in the industry, and a knowledgeable and dedicated professional staff. We work with our clients one on one to ensure that everything is completed smoothly and to their ultimate satisfaction.

Essential Closing Elements

From the Seller

  • Owner’s policy issued at the time the property was purchased
  • Contact information for your homeowners/property owners/condominium association
  • Loan and mortgage account numbers and contact information
  • Copy of property survey
  • Photo ID at closing

From the Buyer

  • If there is a mortgage, the contact information for the mortgage provider
  • Certificate of approval from the homeowners/property owners/condominium association, if applicable
  • Photo ID at closing
  • Wired funds for closing costs